Tafe SA – Information About Updating Of Role Descriptors (RDs) in Preparation for Implementation of Reviews/Restructures

24 April 2019

Clause of Appendix 1 in the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017 (‘the Agreement’) states that SA Public Sector Agencies will:

“...Ensure that in any functional area under consideration for review/realignment/restructure/reorganisation (however described) all statements of duties being undertaken are up to date and approved.”

This is also reflected in Clause 6.1.11 of the TAFE SA Consultation and Change Policy, which states that managers shall “...Ensure existing role descriptors are up-to-date in consultation with the substantive incumbent prior to any change.”

This process is critical in terms of the matching/translation and other processes that may occur as part of reviews/restructures; and depending on the final updated document may, in some cases, mean that the role should actually be a higher classification.

The Public Service Association (PSA) provides the following advice to members in relation to this process:

  •  Managers must provide employees who hold substantive roles with their current RD. Managers may just provide the RD as it currently stands; or they may provide one with their own suggested amendments.
  •  Employees must have adequate time, allowing for current workloads and responsibilities, to review and provide input regarding their current role, duties and responsibilities.
  •  RDs must be based on current roles, not on roles in a proposed new structure. While the format for the RD may at times be an updated template comparing it with the current RD, if it is currently a role with more specific duties, then the RD must still capture those specific requirements related to that role.
  •     If managers do not accept an employee’s proposed changes there must be clear reason given as to why those changes have been rejected.
  •  Consideration must also be given as to whether the amended RD may now meet a higher classification. This can be ascertained by comparing the RD to the higher level RD. If employees believe this to be the case, they can request that the classification for the proposed RD be reviewed.
  •  PSA members should contact the PSA Members’ Rights Hotline to seek industrial advice and discuss options, if their manager does not agree with the inclusion of matters that an employee believes are part of their current role/duties; or if a manager does not agree that an amended RD requires a classification review; despite evidence to the contrary.
  •  PSA members on leave, or those seconded to other areas, who hold a substantive role within TAFE SA, must also be included in this process.