TAFE SA | Facilities And Procurement Restructure | PSA and Members’ Concerns Regarding Gilles Plains Stores | Notification of Dispute

23 October 2019

The Public Service Association (‘PSA’) has written to the TAFE SA Chief Executive (‘CE’), notifying of a consultation dispute about the Facilities And Procurement (‘FAPS’) Restructure and impacts on Gilles Plains (‘GP’) Stores.

The PSA and members have continued to attempt to gain meaningful responses from TAFE SA regarding the GP Store on numerous occasions, including requesting a meeting with TAFE SA, staff and the PSA. Eventually a meeting was held.

Unfortunately it became clear that not all key stakeholders had been consulted with – for example, not all Educational Business Unit (EBU) staff on campus who directly utilise GP Stores services – and many questions remained unanswered for GP Stores members in terms of how the service will actually work, staffing, workflow concerns, and also impacts on the EBUs at GP.

The PSA continues to assert that TAFE SA is not allowing PSA members to engage in genuine and good faith consultation as is required under Clause 34 of the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017 (‘SAMPSEAS’), and it is of serious concern that TAFE SA has advised that they will continue to proceed with the changes to GP Store despite the high level of concern from Store members and stakeholders.

As a result, the PSA notified the TAFE SA CE of this dispute as per Clause 35 of the SAMPSEAS, and has requested that TAFE SA provide written confirmation of the following:

  •  That a further formal and structured meeting be held with the PSA, all GP stakeholders (i.e. the relevant EBU staff who work with GP Store), and GP Store staff, and that in this meeting:
    •   EBU staff have the opportunity to provide information regarding their requirements of the GP Store service, including, but not limited to, any deliveries that are time critical, high risk, and/or require refrigeration or other specific storage requirements and so on, so that this can be “mapped” and considered;
    •  TAFE SA undertake a whiteboard exercise with GP Store staff, so that they can highlight their duties on a day to day basis, service requirements and workflow to demonstrate the complexities and scope of their roles, and to ensure that the most up to date information is captured, rather than relying on data from two years ago;
    •  TAFE SA clearly articulate the proposed GP Store service, including but not limited to, proposed hours of operation; when and how it is expected that Store staff will attend; and who will undertake the work currently undertaken by GP Store staff in light of the proposed service, and how this will be undertaken.

The PSA also advised that with the notification of this dispute, status quo must apply, that is, further planning and progression towards implementation of the proposed new structure cannot proceed until this dispute is resolved.

If these matters remain unresolved the PSA will escalate this dispute to the South Australian Employment Tribunal.

The PSA will keep members updated.