TAFE SA | “Education Transformation” | Dispute Notified to CE | Proposed Restructure of Educational Business Units

12 February 2020

The Public Service Association (PSA) has notified of a consultation dispute to the TAFE SA Chief Executive (CE). A copy of the letter can be found here.

Further to the PSA’s Information Update issued 11 February 2020, the PSA received a response from TAFE SA regarding a number of issues with this process which were outlined in the PSA’s Update. Some of these issues were addressed satisfactorily, however others remained of concern:

  •  In relation to Educational Business Unit (‘EBU’) administrative staff:
    •   TAFE SA advises that the only change in work practices may be changes to reporting lines, and no other changes will occur.
    •   In addition, TAFE SA advises that there is no proposed reduction to administrative FTE as a result of this process, and that if this was to be proposed in future, consultation would occur.
  •  TAFE SA confirms that Business Operations Manager (BOM) Role Descriptors would be reviewed with incumbents and updated as required.

The issues of concern that remain are:

  • TAFE SA has declined to provide any workload assessments other than broad statements.
  • TAFE SA continues to refuse to extend the consultation period. The PSA only received the documents the day after the presentation and appropriate workload assessments have not been provided. Due to this, the PSA has not been able to engage in genuine and fully informed consultation with our members.

As a result of TAFE SA’s response, the PSA has notified the CE of a dispute under Clause 35 of the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017 (‘SAMPSEAS’), and the PSA has requested that TAFE SA provide the following:

  •  Detailed workload assessments for consultation, relating to the BOM roles and the proposed reduction of five roles to three; and
  •  Confirmation that the consultation period will be extended to allow for the provision of the workload assessments, and that this consultation will be open for a period of five working days following receipt of the documents by the PSA and in-scope staff.

The PSA also advised TAFE SA that in line with the SAMPSEAS status quo must apply, that is, further planning and progression towards implementation of the proposed new structure cannot proceed until this dispute is resolved.

The PSA has requested TAFE SA’s urgent response by 5:00pm today (12 February 2020).

The PSA will keep members updated.

Members who have any initial comments or queries regarding this restructure are welcome to continue to provide these via email to PSA, while awaiting the further information to allow for fully informed consultation.