Superannuation and Paid Parental Leave

11 October 2017

Superannuation payments during periods of paid parental leave will now be reinstated following Public Service Association (PSA) Ministerial representations.

In 2015 the PSA became aware that changes to the Southern State Superannuation Act 2009 had resulted in many public sector employees not having any superannuation payments made while on paid parental leave.

This unintended consequence had a significant negative impact for women in the public sector who take paid parental leave.

The PSA made representations to the Minister for the Public Sector who acknowledged the significance of the issue and advised that the Government would rectify it.

The Southern State Superannuation (Parental Leave) Amendment Bill 2017 has now received assent and will apply retrospectively from 19 November 2012. This is the date the original changes were made to the Southern State Superannuation Act 2009. Members who have taken a period of paid parental leave and who did not receive superannuation payments during that period will be back paid in coming weeks.

The PSA welcomes this amendment and will ensure that any affected members will have any outstanding superannuation payments paid.