Success Continues in Housing SA Contract Fight

04 December 2018

As members in the SA Housing Authority are well aware, there have been a number of ongoing concerns since the Machinery of Government changes around the newly introduced common law contracts.

The PSA has been fighting this issue at the highest levels – the petitions which members have been filling in have been really important in applying pressure on the Government to address members concerns around a two tier system of those covered by the Enterprise Agreement and those not.

The Treasurer has recently written to the PSA stating that these matters will be addressed immediately. The Public Sector Regulations will be amended to include staff who work in the Housing Authority and the Enterprise Agreement will be applied as a matter of policy.

On this front there is one key issue which remains outstanding – that is exclusion of Housing Authority employees under Part 7 of the Public Sector Act 2009, specially the section of Part 7 (45.3) which limits the use of term contracts.

The PSA is deeply concerned about this given the number of staff on long term contract employment within the agency. The PSA believes this will unfairly disadvantage those staff who are on contracts from attaining an ongoing position and lead to high levels of contract employment.

If you are a PSA member and you have been employed on a temporary contract for more than two years and have not already sent us your contracts for review, please send them by email. To review your contracts we need every contract you have been engaged on while working for Housing SA. You can obtain these by asking for them from your personnel file.

If you have been working for less than two years on contract or are an ongoing staff member who is concerned about the impact this is having on your colleagues and workplace you can sign the petition (here).

We have already had a number of members who have had their case reviewed made ongoing. To address this matter we need members who are in this situation to let us know so that we can investigate if their particular case qualifies for conversion to ongoing employment.