Strong Union Membership = Best Possible Outcomes

18 December 2018

Members would be aware from previous information updates from the PSA that a Functional Review of Community Youth Justice has commenced.

A Consultative Forum for the Business Services Review is ongoing currently with another one due to commence for Custodial Case Management and Assessment Case Coordination. This is in addition to local workshops and meetings to establish appropriate case load allocation and a study of effective time management.

The PSA is aware this is a period of concern and anxiety for many members, particularly for members who underwent review changes a few years ago. Consequently, the PSA requested confirmation from the Department of Human Services (DHS) that there is no proposed loss of FTE as a result of these extensive reviews. The PSA stated that such confirmation would enable members to engage wholeheartedly in the review process, secure in the knowledge that there would be no negative impact for them.

Formal correspondence (here) has recently been received by the PSA in regards to this assertion. The correspondence fails to give the desired confirmation and assurance the PSA was seeking. The correspondence confirms that ‘the Functional Review was not launched with a focus on the reduction of FTE numbers and states given we are in the early stages of the review, and we are genuinely undertaking a process of discovery, it is too early to say what the outcomes may be.’

The PSA does not seek to alarm members but rather advise members of the importance in engaging with your local Worksite Representatives who attend the Consultative Forums to ensure you are kept informed as matters progress. Strong union membership is also a pre-requisite to ensuring best possible outcomes for members throughout a period of intensive change.

If any of you have colleagues who are non-members encourage them to join the PSA now so as to ensure the best possible results for staff, clients and the community.

The PSA regularly attends the Consultative Forums and will keep members updated as the review proceeds.