State Library Members to Commence Industrial Action

23 September 2016

Further to the recent member motion, the PSA can report that at a meeting between management representatives and the PSA confirmation was obtained that the State Library of South Australia (SLSA) was refusing to remove the 19.6 FTE cuts from the proposed restructure at the SLSA.

As a result of this management inaction and as unanimously endorsed by members, from Monday 26 September at 10.00am PSA members will commence the following authorised industrial action;

Advise SA public of the ongoing industrial dispute via wearing messages on clothing, stickers and providing handouts and other related material:

  • Members to wear stickers and t-shirts as part of the industrial action.
  • Members to continue to handout stickers, bookmarks and any other printed material to continue to educate the public about the proposed cuts to library service delivery.


Non participation in non-essential administrative and HR related activities – to include:

  • No team reporting to either supervisors, managers or management either verbally or in writing
  • Not undertake/attend any formal performance discussions nor progress any of the actions from previous PDPs
  • Stop entering data on statistics database
  • Stop entering Duty Officer reports. If there is an incident, staff to complete appropriate paperwork, security form and HIRM form as normal


Remember – this is the start of escalating action. Should the SLSA refuse to change their position action will quickly escalate as previously authorised by members, to cover the Copy Centre, restocking of shelves and online reference trackers. Further briefs will be sent out advising of when such escalation will occur.

Should any manager direct you to undertake any of the duties detailed above ask them to place this in writing and respond in writing as follows (copy in your worksite representative and the PSA):

While I note your request/direction, as per the PSA letter to the Chief Executive of the Department of State Development, dated 16 September 2016, I am undertaking authorised industrial action. Due to high workloads that will only get worse with the proposed cut to staffing, PSA members are urging the Chief Executive to withdraw the proposed job cuts from the current restructure.”

The PSA and your Worksite Representatives will be distributing publicity material to members on Monday morning from 8:45am – be there to promote the message of unity to the public and SLSA management. Now more than ever members need to stand up to protect their working conditions and SA's iconic library.

For further assistance and guidance contact your Worksite Representative or the PSA.