State Library - Escalation of Industrial Action

21 October 2016

At a well attended members' meeting on 20 October 2016, State Library of South Australia (SLSA), Public Service Association (PSA) members unanimously endorsed escalation of Industrial Action in response to Management's continual refusal to remove the 19.6 FTE cuts from the proposed restructure and genuinely consult.

The PSA has written to Chief Executive Dr Don Russell advising him of the escalation of Industrial Action. Attached here is a copy of the letter detailing the Industrial Action.

Members endorsed to move to Copy Centre bans from Monday 24 October, and to commence all staff closing work stations to help with re-shelving. If you need further clarification about either of these actions please contact your Worksite Representatives (WSRs). Your WSR will be liaising directly with members regarding the re-shelving action.

In the meantime please ensure any feedback or comments are filtered through your worksite representatives or the PSA.