State Government changes the plan for Supported Community Accommodation

14 June 2018

As members are aware, staff were informed in a recent ‘Message from the CE’ that the new State Government has completely changed the plan for Supported Community Accommodation and will not be proceeding with the establishment of a Government Corporation as was previously planned.

The new proposal is for Supported Community Accommodation to be outsourced to the Non Government Sector. Staff currently working for the SA Government in this area will need to find a job in the Non Government Disability Sector if they wish to continue to work in disability, or be managed under the “materially affected” process and be placed in alternate work in the public sector.

At this stage the PSA is unsure how this policy position will be implemented, however it is important to note that it will not happen overnight.

At the meetings today members expressed anger about the way the announcement was made without any follow up detail about time frames or clear plans for implementation.

A number of other issues were also raised and discussed, including the materially affected process and how this works. Members can access the current policy here.

Further issues raised included the difficulty of managing the materially affected process with so many staff involved; the urgent need for staff to have clear information about the process and how it will be managed; and the need for clients and families to be told and given assurances about their future.

Over the next week the PSA will be seeking an urgent meeting with the Department to discuss your concerns.

Please email any questions and issues directly to us so we can collate these and have them addressed.

The next meeting of members will be held Thursday 21 June 2018 at 12:00pm at theStrathmont Centre to report on outcomes and discuss a plan forward. Please encourage your colleagues to attend.
If members at your worksite are unable to attend this meeting, please let us know and we will try to organise other meetings.