22 June 2017

The Public Service Association (PSA) has welcomed the infrastructure projects and community initiatives in today’s Budget which should generate jobs and investment for South Australia.

However the PSA has warned that these improvements and initiatives must not come at the cost of losing valuable public assets or a strong public sector which provide essential services to our community.

The PSA continues to actively oppose the sell-off of public assets such as the Land Titles Office (LTO) and other public assets.

“The PSA expects there to be sufficient resources in the Budget to ensure that our public services – which serve our community – are able to operate safely and efficiently,” says PSA Assistant General Secretary Natasha Brown.

Insofar as the Budget is intended to reflect “labour values” the PSA expects those values to include a strong, vibrant and responsible public sector that ensures all members of the community are provided equitably with the services they need – and which are necessary for a civilised modern society.    

The Budget does not appear to include any additional funding for the implementation of key Nyland Royal Commission recommendations, for example ceasing to use commercial carers and abandoning single-handed shifts in residential care.

Similarly, genuine concerns about increased costs and the protection and security of information arising from the potential “commercialisation” of the Lands Titles Office have not been addressed.

Members’ concerns about maintaining and ensuring the continued integrity of SA Pathology’s services have also not been covered in this Budget.

The PSA is continuing to review the Budget and will provide further information to members as our review continues.