Staffing Arrangements for New Reception Area at Jonal Drive - Member Feedback Required Urgently

24 October 2018

At the recent Industrial Relations Forum (IRF) on 19 October 2018 there was robust discussion between the PSA and management relating to proposed staffing arrangements for the new reception area and control room at Jonal Drive.

A comprehensive email communication was sent by the Manager, Security Services to all staff on 21 October 2018 detailing ‘trial’ staffing arrangements which are due to commence as soon as practicable. Please read this communication to ensure you have an understanding of management’s proposals to enable you to compare it with what PSA Worksite Representatives (WSRs) are advocating for.

The primary issue is management is stating the OPS2 staff member who is operating in the reception role can be moved to assist in the units during non-peak periods. This will result in the camera operator being left to oversee both areas on their own. The solution put forward by management is that the control operator can call for assistance and support if necessary.

Members and WSRs have clearly stated that this is not acceptable. The PSA is rightly concerned that doing so will compromise the safety and wellbeing of the young people in care and members by potentially reducing response times for attending to incidences.

Some of the viewpoints put forward by members are:

  •  Staffing for this area must not be compromised. Staffing should be fully resourced by two OPS2 workers at all times.
  •  No agreement for the area to be staffed initially under the guise of a ‘trial’.
  •  Two OPS2 staff are rostered Monday to Friday from 7:00am - 3:00pm. Both of these staff remain in situ for the entire shift. From 2:30pm – 5:00pm there will only be one staff member rostered with the second position being filled by an OPS2 worker from the Police Custody Unit (PCU). From 5:00pm – 11:00pm, the second position will be staffed as required. On the weekends the second position will be staffed from the PCU when required.

The PSA requests your feedback as a matter of urgency. A member meeting will be scheduled in the next few days to facilitate discussion and reach a consensus position on this matter. It is important that you make time to attend the meeting or ensure that your feedback is given to your WSRs or PSA.