Staff Transferring to National Heavy Vehicle Regulator - DPTI Refuses to Advocate for Transferring Staff

26 June 2017

DPTI Chief Executive has written to the PSA attempting to address the concerns raised by PSA Members about staff who choose to transfer to the NHVR.

The PSA has always acknowledged that DPTI has no obligations under legislation to advocate for improved conditions and to address these concerns. However with the years of service and goodwill given by members to the Department the PSA had asked that DPTI work with employees and the PSA to ensure a positive outcome for staff looking to transfer given that the NHVR has stated that they need staff to transfer.

In the letter from DPTI, attached (here), the Department washes its hands of the situation, explaining that they have held two employee information sessions and there is nothing further they will do. This is extremely disappointing for members who had hoped that DPTI would back up their statement to “make sure that the process is as smooth as possible for employees...” by supporting members’ requests.

DPTI incorrectly asserts that members have asked for “special leave with pay” from DPTI while staff go to work for the NHVR. Members, however have asked for a period were they can return to work for DPTI if the transfer does not live up to the promises of the NHVR.

DPTI also ruled out advocating for an agreement between the NHVR and staff about guaranteed weekend and Public Holiday shifts. This would have provided a level of certainty for staff unsure, or who would be looking at an effective pay cut of their total take home pay. DPTI again incorrectly asserted that members had asked for the Department to dictate NHVR rosters when all members are seeking is that the Department advocate for an agreement before employees agree to transfer across. Members need to know what the NHVR expectations are in terms of weekend and Public Holiday rosters. As DPTI is still the current employer, it is appropriate that members have, through their union, approached their employer, asking they advocate with the Regulator before they make decisions about transferring.

With DPTI’s refusal to work with employees and the NHVR it is understandable that members have lost faith in the transfer process. NHVR’s imposed a timeline for the transfer is looming and members now face uncertainty if they transfer, and are disappointed in the Department for not following through on their word. Members will now need to consider their options with little information about transferring. The PSA will work with members seeking information about if they wish to remain in the South Australian Public Sector.

Members seeking more information can contact PSA here.