SSOs Can Retroactively Accrue Toil for the June Public Holiday

30 June 2020

The Public Service Association (PSA) understands that some term-time SSOs were denied the opportunity to accrue and be paid TOIL for the public holiday on 9 June 2020 despite recent changes to the enterprise agreement which strengthened this employment condition from a privilege to a right.

On behalf of members at a particular school who brought this to our attention, the PSA called on the Department to allow staff to be paid for the recent public holiday and retroactively accrue the necessary TOIL to make up the hours if they so choose. This is optional for all term-time SSOs. If you wish to be paid for the day and provided the opportunity to make up the hours you should notify your line manager and Principal.

When members bring issues like this to the attention of the PSA, we can act swiftly to achieve positive outcomes together. If you do not tell us about the problems or concerns you have with your working conditions we cannot fix it for you or for your colleagues who are likely experiencing the same issues. The PSA recognises that SSOs have been industrially underrepresented and we have a ways to go to further strengthen working conditions and rights. However, it is important to recognise the gains made by standing together to achieve the outcomes we have, and ensure that we require leadership to follow the rules.

The PSA can only represent members in individual issues, and our strength as a union of SSOs is dependant on membership growth. When more of us work together to fight for our rights, we are stronger and louder and no one has to stand alone or put their neck out. Please pass this Information Update on to your SSO colleagues, and encourage them to join you as a member of the PSA and contribute to the fight to be recognised as the essential para professionals that they are. SSOs can join online here or contact PSA SSO Organiser or speak to your PSA Worksite Representative for more information.