Sneaky Government Sends Offers While Appearing in the Tribunal - Still No Employer, Shoddy Contracts and No Answers - Do Not Sign!

07 September 2017

The Government has shown a complete lack of good faith and proper consultation today by releasing offers of employment with the new service provider DURING the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) dispute conference.

The offers came by email to staff from the Valuer General and Registrar General - not from the new service provider. This again reinforces our concern that the new service provider is not a functioning company with no senior staff and no one for us as your union, or you as a potential employee, to talk to.

This is unacceptable and shameful considering there are still many concerns about the proposed contract including, a lack of clarity about key issues such as superannuation and staff being forced to resign from the public service if they accept an offer of employment. There is also no date of commencement in the contract.

In today’s SAET hearing, Commissioner McMahon asked the Government to notify the PSA about the superannuation issues, the date of commencement and if they would allow members to take leave without pay instead of being forced to resign. These must be notified by COB Tuesday 12 September 2017. The Commissioner has also asked the PSA to provide any other unanswered questions and issues.

We appear again at the Tribunal on Thursday 14 September 2017.

The PSA’s strong advice to members continues to be do not sign any contract or deed. There are 20 days to consider this offer and we will be working with you to improve, clarify and guarantee your conditions and jobs in the public service.

If you have been offered a secondment or have no offer, there are still many issues and questions for which we need answers about.

Our aim is to ensure members continue to receive their entitlements, protected in enforceable industrial instruments and that no staff lose their jobs.

Legal and Industrial Support
PSA members can access legal and industrial support through their membership. As there are so many members involved in this issue and the contracts are essentially the same for everyone, the PSA intends to manage this advice and support collectively.

Our lawyer, Graham Harbord from Johnston Withers Lawyers, will be there to provide general information and advice about the contract, the issue of leave without pay, the proposed requirement to resign and the attached deed, the rights of secondees and also the rights of those staff who have not received an offer. If you are not a PSA member, you can join before or at the meeting in order to attend.

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