Sheriff's Officers Review - Question of Genuine Consultation

27 January 2017

PSA members have questioned the CAA as to whether there is a genuine consultative process regarding the recent review recommendations. There remains a lack of clarity as to how review that was undertaken, and how recommendations came to be tabled.

The PSA has written to the CAA outlining concerns about the consultative process. See the PSA letter here.

The PSA and your PSA Worksite Representatives have questioned the validity of this process, and how members can effectively contribute to such a process.

Considering that the major stakeholders do not appear to support outsourcing, what are the views of CAA? Does CAA see outsourcing as a probable, safe, practical and even feasible to effectively deliver the services controlled by Sheriffs Officers today? How did the outsourcing option come to being on the table, and is the stress on our members and their families justified?

PSA membership meetings will continue to be arranged at all Sheriff's Officer work sites for regular updates. PSA members have requested larger CBD meetings for all PSA members to determine next steps following any response or meetings with CAA.

All staff should remain vigilant while CAA has outsourcing on the table. The fight is here, now is the time to get organised. Union members have the power to exercise their industrial rights to the fullest when required. We have both power and protection in numbers.