Sheriff's Officer Review - Members Action is Suspended on the Basis CAA Genuinely Consult

24 March 2017

PSA members met to discuss the current options tabled by CAA management. While members clearly continue to distrust the CAA's ability to genuinely consult, the following motion was supported by PSA members;

This meeting of Wednesday 22 March, follows that PSA members agree to the suspension of the pending industrial action. PSA members place CAA on notice that consultation must be genuine, and any concerns of genuine consultation will result in PSA members returning together to discuss their industrial options.

PSA members agreed to continue to meet through the process to discuss progress and will continue to assess whether consultation process is genuine. It was also agreed by members to engage in any sub forums/committees and PSA membership meetings.

Please see a copy of the without prejudice proposal from CAA here.

Updates on your committee members and meeting dates will be communicated.