Sheriff's Office Flags Change to Travelling Time

17 February 2016

The PSA has been advised that the Sheriff's Office intends to change the current travel time arrangement for ICS and Security staff when completing a regional court circuit.

Presently if staff complete a trip they are paid for the traveling time from their residence to their destination - either the court or the motel room - and the same on return. This has been the custom and practice for a number of years as compensation for being away from home. This arrangement has been over and above the relevant Award clause which states that employees are paid the total time travelled less one hour each way.

The Sheriff's Office now wants to change this custom and practice to one where on the return journey employees are only paid travelling time from when they leave the regional court or motel to the airport and NOT to their place of residence. For some members this may amount to approximately an hour less pay.

The PSA is currently consulting on this issue with management and is seeking an explanation for this proposed change.

The PSA invites concerned members to come forward and express their views on this issue.

The PSA will continue to consult with members and represent all concerns and issues about this matter to CAA management.

If you would like to comment on this issue please contact the PSA.