Shared Services SA ASO1 Update

12 September 2018

The PSA has agreed to release the ASO1 audit process from hold and understands that staff have been notified if they will be reclassified to an ASO2.

The PSA continues to hold concerns about the small number of staff who will be reclassified and strongly encourages anyone who feels they meet the ASO2 requirements to contact the PSA.

Currently the timeline for an appeal of the findings of the audit is one week from the result being provided to staff. The PSA has written again to Shared Services asking to extend this period from one week to two weeks to allow members to gather information to challenge the findings and to seek industrial advice.

What do you do if the audit determines that you are not an ASO2?:

Contact the PSA by email to Include information specific to your situation including your formal notification of the audit outcome, a record of your experience with the audit and any additional information you feel should be included in the description of your duties.

What do you do if you are an ASO1 and you have not received any information from your employer about the audit:

Shared Services has advised that there are a number of ASO1s in the agency who are not in scope for the review. If you are an ASO1 who has been deemed not in scope contact the PSA by email to to find out what options you have to check if you should be in scope.