Shared Services and Renewal SA - Port Adelaide Relocation Update

22 December 2017

Members from Renewal SA and Shared Services have met again to discuss ongoing concerns with the proposed relocation to Port Adelaide.

At this meeting the results of the survey which impacted members completed were discussed. Key findings of the survey include, for some workers, being an additional 7.5 hours per week in travel time. Significant impacts on work-life balance from this additional travel time such as the ability to play team sport and child care and schooling arrangements were also evident from the survey.

Members produced a number of solutions in regards to these challenges including the ability to telecommute, improved public transport routes, access to reliable parking, retraining to continue a role in the city, options for other workers to retrain to go to Port Adelaide in their place and many more.

Members determined that it would be important to meet again in the new year to put together a plan of action and their next steps. More details to be available in the new year.