Shared Services | Special Leave With Pay

14 January 2019

Members from Shared Services have been contacting the PSA to ask about their rights in regards to Special Leave with and without pay.

In past instances staff at Shared Services have been informed that they ‘should not bother applying for Special Leave’ as it would not be granted. While Special Leave is a provision which needs to meet specific requirements it is something which, providing they meet them, all staff are entitled to.

Below is an excerpt from Commissioner's Determination 3.1: Employment Conditions – Hours of Work, Overtime and Leave.

“Flexible leave and working arrangements for public sector employees are provided in clause 1 of Schedule 1 of the PS Act and Regulation 19 of the Public Sector Regulations 2010.

Regulation 19 states “an employee of a public sector agency ... may be granted
up to 15 days leave with pay in a 12 month period for special purposes ...” “

There is an onus on the employer to explain why the leave has not been granted. If you think you have been unreasonably refused special leave contact your Worksite Representative or the PSA Members’ Rights Hotline as soon as possible.

Where there is a situation requiring emergency leave do not forget that you can access the leave at the time of need and resolve the type of leave upon your return.