Select Committee on the Administration of South Australia’s Prisons

11 April 2017

The DCS Chief Executive provided an opening statement which included reference to the growth in prisoner numbers. The CE stated that incidents are a fact of life in prisons and prison staff are well trained to deal with the incidents.

Following the CE’s opening statement the Select Committee asked a number of questions on various topics including:

  •     Prisoner bedspace issues and the impact of the delay in commissioning the new beds at Port Augusta Prison
  •     The average and peak prisoner numbers across the system and how are these prisoners accommodated when numbers peak
  •     Clarification as to what is deemed to be a surge bed
  •     The retrofitting of single cells to double cells and whether these converted cells met the appropriate compliance standards
  •     When will programs designed to reduce recidivism show an impact
  •     The smoke free roll out policy for all prisons

The Select Committee will be visiting all prisons as part of its investigations.