See You Tomorrow at Parliament House at 12:15pm

28 November 2017

Tomorrow PSA Members will rally at Parliament House for a fair agreement and an equitable pay rise.

While recent negotiations about conditions have been constructive we need to keep the pressure on to achieve an equitable wage increase for all PSA members.

Other public sector workers have received a 2.5% wage increase. Equity demands this applies in your salaried agreement as well.

Come to the rally, bring your colleagues, spread the word!

Wednesday 29 November


Parliament House Steps

Many members will be able to attend during their lunch break, on flexitime, or under other arrangements. If so, your attendance is in your own time and is not industrial action.

PSA members are authorised to attend their rally as industrial action if they need. It is possible management may seek to dock some members’ pay if time spent attending the rally is considered as industrial action. Under law you cannot be subject to any disciplinary action or any other consequences for taking this action.

It will be a hot day so don't forget to wear a hat, put on sunscreen and bring some water! The PSA will also be providing water.

Please encourage your colleagues who are not members to join the PSA and come along to the rally. They can join online here.

See you at the Rally!