Say No to Privatisation in South Australia

05 February 2018

The PSA has launched a petition to say no to privatisation in South Australia. South Australian Services have been under attack over recent years from all of the major political parties while in Government. Some of these critical public services which have been sold include electricity, transport, gas, Forestry SA, SA Lotteries, the Motor Accident Commission and the Lands Titles Office. As South Australians, we have had enough and are fed up that our essential community services have been sold for a quick cash injection for the Government of the time.

Privatisation undoubtedly results in higher costs worn by the community, less efficient community services, significantly reduced ongoing revenue for the State, and private profits taking priority over community services.

This needs to stop.

South Australia is now one of the most privatised states in the country.

Tell the Government - whoever they will be come 17 March - to stop privatising our services.

Sign the petition now.

You can also check out our SA Not for Sale website ( for more details on our campaign to stop privatisation. Keep checking back for updates on the campaign!

P.S. Don’t forget about our Special Election Forum on this week. There is still time to register to attend (here). First you’ve heard about it? Read more here.