SARDI Contracts Update - PSA Meets With Management

20 November 2018

This morning there was a meeting at PIRSA between the PSA, PIRSA HR and the Executive Director of SARDI. This was a positive meeting about the contracts issue and we believe there is real progress being made for contract staff.

At the meeting the Department confirmed that the assessment of all contract staff was under-way and offers of ongoing employment had begun. This will continue at the rate of around 30 assessments per week with the process hopefully being completed by Christmas. Priority will be given for assessment to those staff whose contracts are due to expire soon.

The Department will assess each staff member’s contract against criteria based on legal advice in relation to the Act. However, the Department may still make a decision about converting staff to ongoing regardless of this assessment.

Where staff have been assessed as not having the entitlement to on-going employment, the Department has offered to establish an informal internal process where this can be discussed. This would in no way undermine members’ entitlements to have the decision formally reviewed.

The PSA requested we be provided with the criteria for assessment for ongoing positions currently being considered by the Department.

Today’s discussion demonstrated a positive approach to this issue and a commitment from the Department to ensure employment complied with the Act. There is a great deal of activity occurring to ensure this work is done as quickly as possible.

Advice to PSA members
If you receive advice that you will NOT be made ongoing please contact the PSA immediately so we can review the decision and provide advice and support.

The PSA is committed to see this whole process through and dealing with issues as they happen.

If you are not yet a member
Please join the PSA as we will not be able to support people who are not members or those who only join once there is an issue. Please pass this message on to your colleagues who are not yet members. They can join online here.

Meeting reminder
Janet Giles will be at Waite Campus tomorrow, 21 November 2018 to give an update and answer questions. Contact PSA for meeting time.