SARDI Contract Conversions Update | The Process Continues

13 December 2018

The process of assessing the employment contracts of staff at SARDI is continuing. From the most recent discussion with Principal Consultant, Industrial Relations, People and Culture, the PSA has the following information.

The process is continuing at around 30 assessments a week. At this stage around 80 staff have been assessed as ongoing and it is estimated that all staff who have been employed over five years will be assessed by Christmas.

The process from the assessment to staff being notified is as follows: Once the assessment has been completed the outcomes of the assessment is reviewed by the Executive Director of SARDI; signed off by the CE; and then the paper work goes to managers and directors so they can make the offer to their staff.

We acknowledge that many staff have limited trust in the process, but at this stage the PSA is confident the Department is committed to achieving the timeframes as previously outlined. We are continually monitoring and if there are any issues we will let members know.

Members who have specific individual issues in relation to this process can also contact PSA Team Leader, Organising by email to be able to raise these issues with PIRSA. If you have been assessed as not meeting the criteria for ongoing employment it is important that you contact the PSA as soon as you can.

It is important to note that while you are waiting, you continue to be employed. If this is not the case, or if your contract is due to conclude soon, please contact the PSA.

Once the assessment has finished for staff who have been employed on term contracts for over five years, the process for assessing those employed for less than five years will commence in order to ensure that staff are employed appropriately.

Still not a member?
Please encourage your colleagues to join the PSA at this time. PSA members and staff have worked hard to achieve access to ongoing employment for SARDI staff, some of whom have been on rolling contracts for over 20 or 30 years. Joining is easy online, click here.

The PSA can only provide individual support for members in this process. A large number of staff have joined the PSA. Once this issue has been resolved, we will be looking to address other issues of concern to our members. Together we can make SARDI a better place to work where scientists and researchers are valued and rewarded for the essential work you do.