SAMI Response to PSA RAH Admin Review Submission

13 February 2018

South Australian Medical Imaging (SAMI) has reviewed the PSA’s consultation feedback for the SAMI, Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) Administration Support Structure review and responded to the points raised.

The main points to be confirmed are:

  •  administration shifts to be aligned with radiographic shifts and rotations
  •  no early shifts following late shifts
  •  shift work will be by expression of interest unless there are insufficient applicants whereby it would become rotational
  •  shift roster participation will remain indefinitely until change is initiated proactively
  •  a total establishment of 34 ASO FTE positions including two new ASO3 Coordinators
  •  shift penalties and additional leave provisions will be available as per current industrial instruments
  •  set days will continue to be available for part time staff
  •  on-site parking will be available to shift staff subject to staff application and availability of car parks

The SAMI response and letter to the PSA are available here.

The next step is getting ready for implementation. Further questions may be asked as SAMI remains open to constructive suggestions.

PSA members are encouraged to continue to present ideas that might improve the implementation or the model. The goal should always be to facilitate the most effective and efficient service delivery in this area.