SAMI Respond to PSA's ESMI Faults and Issues Table

23 August 2016

Thanks to all members who have made time in their busy day to contribute to the ESMI faults table. SAMI Executive have now formally responded to the PSA's table which lists over 60 faults and issues, arising from the hasty and error plagued roll-out of ESMI across hospitals in South Australia.

A copy of SAMI's response to the PSA's table titled 'Current ESMI Faults and Issues for the everyday user' can be found here. A new column has been added for members to respond. All members are encouraged to review SAMI'S response to the table of faults and make comments in the column titled PSA RESPONSE and email your responses to PSA Industrial Officer Rachael Scott.

The PSA had also compiled an additional table for SAMI with an update on the status of previously reported faults. This was forwarded to SAMI on 27 July 2016 and as yet has not received a response. A copy can be found here.

The work undertaken by members to compile these faults has gone a long way in easing the pressure caused by this faulty program for all SAMI staff, thereby improving the services to the South Australian community.

The PSA can report that there has been additional positive developments arising from the efforts of PSA members. SAMI has advised the PSA of their intention to develop an online, transparent method of reporting faults and have established a RIS users group to work together in openly dealing with the troubled introduction of ESMI.

The PSA will continue to work to ensure our members are treated respectfully and their genuine concerns are addressed. Together we are making a difference.