SAMI nRAH Outpatients Imaging Consultation Extended Again

03 October 2017

The dispute returned to the South Australian Employment Tribunal on Thursday 28 September 2017.

SA Health confirmed at the hearing that they are continuing discussions with tender applicants still including an in-house option.

SA Health continued their assurance to the Commissioner that they:

  •  will continue to consult with unions and staff on this matter
  •  would not make a quick decision
  •  would likely require at least another two weeks before being clear to express an intent to decide
  •  will announce their intent at a SAET hearing
  •  will call an urgent SAET hearing should clarity around the direction emerge unexpectedly within the two weeks.

Commissioner McMahon supported the above framework and endorsed that no decision be made before the next SAET meeting scheduled for Thursday 12 October 2017.