SAMI nRAH Car Parking

26 September 2017

The PSA met with CALHN senior management on Friday 22 September 2017 seeking to resolve the car parking issues for PSA members at the nRAH.

Summary of outcomes:

  •  CALHN acknowledged that there are substantial issues with regards car parking and the allocation of permits.
  •  CALHN is responding as a matter of urgency in an attempt to alleviate the problems.
  •  Data is being collected on the flow of car park usage now that boom gates are working and that data is becoming available. The data will be collected for the next four weeks. The information will be analysed as to periods of availability – car park usage flows – and if there are periods of additional availability (for example: the 3pm – 11pm shifts) then CALHN will consider issuing more permits.
  •  Statewide Clinical Support Services (SCSS) reported that the risk assessment of the Frome Road car park was completed by SAPOL. SCSS are waiting to receive and view the report. It is possible that the report framework was with a post-December perspective which is the anticipated timing for all the 24/7 labs to have been transferred to nRAH.
  •  Commitment was given to maintain safety for staff to get to modes of transport for entry and exit to and from work.
  •  Commitment was given that the shuttle bus will continue until mid-October.
  •  The shuttle bus is being reviewed as to its effectiveness. Other possibly more effective and efficient options are being explored.
  •  Other parking options are being explored as a contingency for the possible outcome following the car park analysis that there are simply not enough car parks to satisfy the requirements.

Members are encouraged to continue reporting any difficulties that arise so that the PSA can continue to advocate for further resolution.

Non-members wishing to support the PSA’s action should join here.