SALHN - Outer South and Inner South Community Mental Health - Medical Heads of Unit - Dispute Notified - Meeting Arranged

14 October 2016

Following the PSA formally notifying a dispute with the CE of SA Health on 20 September 2016, and receipt of SA Health's unsatisfactory response, it has now been confirmed that the status quo will remain and a meeting about the matters in dispute will be arranged.

The PSA had, on behalf of Senior Allied Health Practitioner (AHP) members, formally raised concerns with the SALHN CEO on 6 September 2016 that aspects of the Heads of Unit (HoU) Duty Statement documents seen at both Outer South and Inner South Community Mental Health (ISCMH) and (OSCMH) encroached on duties and responsibilities of Senior AHPs, Team Managers (TMs) and Sector Managers (SMs).

The PSA outlined various concerns, and sought that consultation occur regarding these documents, and that no further implementation occur without this consultation. A copy of this correspondence can be found here.

SA Health's response stated that no consultation was needed as no duties were deemed to be encroaching on Senior AHP, TM or SM roles. However, the response used past tense in relation to this matter, and stated that the document had already been created, thereby raising concerns that consultation had not occurred and that these documents were already “live”. The response can be found here.

The PSA then sought an urgent meeting with SA Health to discuss the concerns, and also confirmation that no further implementation would occur while the dispute remained unresolved. A copy of the correspondence can be found here.

A response was received from the Interim CE on 27 September and can be found here Ms Kaminski has confirmed the status quo and has also agreed that a meeting between the parties will be arranged.

The PSA will attend this meeting with an ISCMH and OSCMH PSA Worksite Representative. A further update will be provided at that time.