SALHN Mental Health (MH) – Proposed Temporary Governance Structure - Employer Response to PSA Feedback

15 January 2018

Following the last Public Service Association (PSA) Information Update on 22 November 2017 containing the PSA and members' feedback regarding the proposed Temporary Governance Structure, SALHN MH have now released their response to this feedback.

SALHN MH's response can be viewed here.

The response raised further queries for the PSA which required clarification. Those issues were forwarded to SALHN MH as follows:

1. SALHN MH advise that in relation to the proposed AHP5 Director role, "Draft Role Descriptions have been provided to Allied Health Discipline Leads for their review, once formulised will be sent out for consultation." The PSA requested advice as to when this will be given that implementation of the proposed structure cannot occur until these JP's are received and consulted upon by the PSA and members (due to this being an integral part of the proposed interim structure).

2. In relation to the Corporate Support role, the PSA acknowledged that if the interim structure commenced, that in the first instance it will be occupied by a nurse. However, SALHN MH have advised that "SALHN will work towards an AHP Role Description to facilitate AHP candidates should the role be vacated or otherwise requires backfill." Given that once implementation occurs it cannot be predicted when backfill may need to occur (e.g. unexpected long term leave), the PSA sought advice as to when this JP will be provided to the PSA and members for consultation.

3. Allowing for the need to consult further regarding the proposed AHP5 Director role prior to implementation, the PSA asked if SALHN MH can advise of the anticipated date of implementation.

The Co-Director Strategic Operations responded on behalf of SALHN MH, advising that "All matters identified are noted and will require further consultation."

The PSA will continue to advocate on behalf of members as this process continues.