SALHN Mental Health (MH) | Proposed Temporary Governance Structure | Final Employer Response to PSA Feedback

15 March 2018

SALHN have now released their response to member feedback regarding the proposed interim Principal Discipline Allied Health Lead (PDL) Job & Person Specifications' (J&PS’).

SALHN MH's response, including the earlier responses as part of the proposed interim structure consultation process, and the final interim structures, can be viewed here.

The response received raised further queries for the PSA which required clarification. Those issues were forwarded to SALHN MH as follows, with SALHN MH’s response included below:

1. The PSA requested further detail regarding the implementation plan so that this can be also provided to members - recruitment information, dates, any transitional arrangements etc.

SALHN response on 13 March 2018: “A bulletin is currently being prepared about the interim arrangements and EOI for the allied health position, I’ll forward a copy once released.“

It is noted that this Bulletin was forwarded by members to the PSA and had already been released to staff on the afternoon of 9 March – after the PSA had raised these additional queries. The Expression of Interest information was then released on 13 March 2018.

2. An outstanding query - the PSA provided feedback regarding the PDL J&PS' - "In relation to Criminal History Clearances 'aged' also needs to be included seeing that responsibilities extend to the older persons mental health sector". SALHN MH's response does not address the request as it does not advise if the J&PS will be amended to reflect this or not. Other PDL's in MH who cover Aged have this as part of their J&PS - as do any staff working across areas that cover aged. Can you please clarify?

SALHN’s response on 13 March: SALHN advised that they have already answered this query in their response - “History check requirements will be consistent with the requirements of prescribed positions and in accordance with SA Health and SA Government legislation and policy.” However the PSA asserted that this did not advise if the J&PS’ would be amended or not. On seeking further clarification SALHN advised “Our response reflects that we will amend the J&P accordingly.”

The Bulletins released to staff indicate that the Interim Structure will be in place for four months pending the finalisation of the overarching SALHN AH and Intermediate Care Restructure; and that the EOI for the Interim Allied Health Director (AHP5) closes on Monday 19 March 2018.

The PSA also continue to await information regarding monitoring and evaluation and will raise this again at the next SALHN MH Consultative Forum.

The PSA encourage members to raise any concerns regarding implementation and transition with both their managers and the PSA. The PSA will monitor this process closely.