SALHN Mental Health – Proposals From Management to Address Safe Workload Issues

30 August 2018

SALHN MH Public Service Association (PSA) members would be aware from recent Information Updates regarding Inner South Community Mental Health (ISCMH) that the PSA provided formal notification of a workload dispute to the SALHN Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on 19 June 2018 under the terms of the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017.

At a meeting with PSA and management representatives on 30 July 2018, a range of strategies were proposed by SALHN MH to address ISCMH members’ workload concerns. It was agreed the PSA would be advised of these proposals in formal correspondence by the end of that week or early the week after.

ISCMH PSA members met that afternoon to discuss the proposals which were outlined based on dot points requested by the PSA and provided by SALHN MH management. Members provided in-principle and preliminary acceptance of the proposals, but advised that they would await the written correspondence containing further details before providing final agreement. This advice was provided to SALHN MH management that evening.

SALHN MH also indicated that they intended to implement these proposed strategies across all SALHN MH Teams to address workload issues and ensure consistent and standardised processes. The PSA advised that given other areas such as Outer South Community Mental Health and the Older Persons Mental Health Community Team were also experiencing workload issues, the PSA would forward this correspondence to all SALHN MH members when received for their review and feedback.

Formal correspondence was not forwarded to the PSA until we advised on 27 August 2018 that the ISCMH Workload Dispute would be escalated to the South Australian Employment Tribunal if the correspondence was not forwarded by close of business that day.

SALHN provided the correspondence at 6:33pm on 27 August 2018. The letter containing the proposed workload strategies from the SALHN CEO can be found here.

The PSA is now seeking feedback from all SALHN MH members in relation to these proposals.

Please email comments to PSA by close of business Tuesday 11 September 2018 to allow them to be included in a collated and non-identifying manner as part of the PSA's response.

Please note that as these responses are also part of the current ISCMH formal workload dispute and received in-principle preliminary agreement from those members, ISCMH members will be receiving this information from their PSA Worksite Representatives and will be asked to provide their comments to them by close of business next Tuesday, 4 September 2018.