SALHN Medical Records Reclassification: Back Pay Dates Announced

27 April 2016

Back pay dates have been announced following the PSA's success in having SALHN ASO1 Medical Records Officer positions reclassified to ASO2, and the Industrial Relations Commission supporting the PSA's position that the operative date of reclassification should be the first pay period on or after 20 April 2015.


The announcement will be a great relief to PSA members awaiting their back pay.


Shared Services SA have advised that staff should expect their back payments as follows:


  • Flinders Medical Centre and Noarlunga Health Service: for fortnight ending 29 April 2016, on pay day of 29 April 2016


  • Repatriation General Hospital: for fortnight ending 1 May 2016, on pay day of 5 May 2016



PSA members like you ensured we were able to pursue and achieve this well-deserved reclassification. We are stronger together - so be sure to encourage all staff in your workplace to join the PSA.