SALHN Bare Below the Elbows Policy | Member Concerns Raised

18 November 2019

The PSA has received a number of member concerns about SALHN’s application of the Bare Below the Elbows Policy, a SALHN infection control policy. Many members have raised concerns about how the policy will impact them.

Some members have raised that they do not believe they are working in clinical areas yet are being instructed to comply with the policy. The PSA understands this policy only relates to clinical areas.

The PSA has written to SALHN with member concerns about the application of the policy and has asked for clarification regarding:

  •  What constitutes a clinical area and how this has been determined.
  •  What consideration has been made to workers who are unable to be bare below the elbow due to injury or other health constraints
  •  Whether workers can wear medical gloves as an alternate option.
  •  If this policy is impacting your ability to work, please raise these issues with your management and contact us again if management are not accommodating
  •  Please direct ongoing concerns about this policy to the PSA Members’ Rights Hotline on 8205 3227.