Safety Walks - DPTI

31 May 2016

A report tabled at the recent quarterly DPTI Consultative meeting included thatsenior management had started making Safety Walks” through some of the divisions. Apparently such 'walks' were intended to identify if there were any Work, Health and Safety issues that needed attention.


DPTI informed the joint unions that managers in all divisions had been advised of this approach with the explanation that the intention was one of making all areas safe through a fresh eyes” approach. Most members of the consultative committee had neither heard nor seen evidence of this new measure which has apparently been in place for some time.


The PSA encourages all members to advise their Worksite Representatives or the PSA if these actions have been undertaken within their division - including how effective these “safety walks” have been. DPTI's approach appears to be a rather ad hoc and minimalist approach to workplace safety.


Members should ensure they report any work health and safety issues to work group health and safety representatives. Keep reporting any issues to the PSA - especially any failures to resolve workplace safety issues.

While the PSA supports actions that will make work areas safe, actions must be properly resourced and not just be token walk-throughs – SAFETY IS A RIGHT - NOT A PRIVILEGE.