SAET Recommendations - SAMI nRAH Outpatients Imaging Consultation Period Extended

04 September 2017

The dispute returned to the South Australian Employment Tribunal on Friday 1 September 2017. Commissioner McMahon has recommended that the recommendations issued on 20 July 2017 be rescinded and be replaced with the following:

  • that the employer can continue with the tender process with the following provisos:

a) that the continuation of the tendering process is simply an opportunity for the employer to consider the various tender proposals; and

b) that the employer refrains from making any decision in relation to whether the outpatient radiology services at the nRAH is outsourced to private providers before the next conference before SAET in two weeks’ time.

  • that during the next two weeks the parties will continue to consult on the matter.
  • that the parties reconvene before SAET on Friday 15 September 2017 at 11:15 am.
  • liberty to apply.

The recommendation can be found in full here.

SA Health is continuing to schedule consultative meetings.

The PSA and the other unions did not agree to the employer opening the tender process and still believe that Clause 26 Consultative Processes of the Enterprise Agreement is being compromised. The PSA is considering further options.

The PSA remains concerned that the employer has no intention of employing the additional 7.5 FTE that is required to improve the Outpatient Medical Imaging service as the new RAH opens its doors.