SAET Orders on Prison Lockdown

10 September 2018

The Public Service Association (PSA) attended a further compulsory conference at the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) throughout the day and evening yesterday (Saturday) about the prison lockdown being held on Monday in support of the rally against the privatisation of the Adelaide Remand Centre and cuts to jobs and services across the Public Sector.


The SAET role was made more difficult when the State Government withdrew its agreement to recommendations issued by the SAET on Friday afternoon. Those recommendations had been agreed by the State Government before they were issued by the SAET. 


Shortly before midnight on Saturday, Commissioner McMahon of the SAET issued orders in relation to minimum staffing levels at each prisons. The orders include an obligation on DCS to ensure there are enough managers and other able bodied employees to staff each of its prisons. 


The PSA has always maintained that the union will make all reasonable efforts within our power to ensuring safety and appropriate staffing numbers during the lockdown. This position remains unchanged and the orders from the SAET reflect this position.


The safety of the community is always at the front of mind for Correctional Officers. The community will be at no greater risk as a result of the lockdown of prisons around the state on Monday.


Our plans remain unchanged, prisons will be locked down and Correctional Officers will march from the Adelaide Remand Centre to the PSA Members rally at Parliament House on Monday 10 September 2018.


For further information please speak to your PSA Worksite Representative or PSA Industrial Officer.