SADS Consultative Committee Meeting

16 November 2016

A PSA representative attended the SA Dental Service (SADS) Consultative Committee meeting held recently. Agenda items discussed at the meeting included the following:

New Adelaide Dental Hospital Transition

SADS provided an update on the move to the new Adelaide Dental Hospital. With the 2-year lead time for the transition every effort is being made to 're-home' all staff. At this stage it appears that the process will be successful for all ongoing staff with all positions being relocated. Commencement of the transition phase is imminent. The PSA will ensure that proper consultation is followed through this phase and welcomes member feedback on these topics.

Dental Therapists Treating Adults

The Graduate Certificate in Oral Health Science qualifies Dental Therapists to treat adults. SADS plans to fill 10 FTE positions for this purpose. SADS is offering support for Dental Therapists to complete the course.

Enterprise Bargaining 2016

SADS management has advised that they are, along with the PSA, seeking to ensure the issue of Qualification Allowance and OPS to AHP reclassification is looked at positively by Government during upcoming negotiations.

Salisbury Dental Clinic - Update

SADS reported that they were aware of workplace tensions at the Salisbury Dental Clinic and have taken actions to resolve these. The PSA would like to hear members views on this process.