SA Water Initiates Enterprise Agreement Vote - Not agreed with Unions - Job Security not Negotiated

10 February 2016

SA Water has advised it will soon ask employees to vote on a proposed new enterprise agreement.

The proposal has not been agreed to by the PSA or any other union involved in negotiations.

While the latest draft document is an improvement on the proposal most SA Water employees voted down last year, serious concerns remain.

  • The pay proposal of 2% per year is below the 2.5% achieved by public service members.


  • SA Water's proposal in relation to job security – Schedule 4 - was first tabled in this latest round of negotiations on 28 January 2016 and has not been the subject of negotiations. This element of the draft agreement does not provide the same level of transparency, process or protection achieved for public service and other public sector workers. SA Water has not met the commitment it made to unions to dedicate time in EB negotiations to this critical issue.


  • The proposal on consultation means that SA Water would not now be required to seek employees' or their unions' views before making decisions which could potentially affect many aspects of members' working lives. Consultation is the means through which members can have their say and influence what happens in their daily working lives. This proposal represents a significant reduction in members' conditions.


  • There are also other significant reductions in conditions including to personal leave arrangements and discipline processes.


The PSA is not in a position to recommend members support the proposal at this time.

The PSA is aware many members have serious concerns about a number of aspects of the proposed agreement and especially the job security provisions. The PSA is also aware SA Water is employing a number of strategies which members are finding distasteful to encourage employees to support their proposal.

Members should contact PSA with their views. Members' views will assist to determine the PSA position from here.