SA Pharmacy - OPS1 to OPS2 Progression | Consultation Open

23 May 2018

SA Pharmacy has released a consultation paper – Proposed Implementation of Competency Based Progression from OPS1 to OPS2 – SA Pharmacy. A copy of the paper and associated documents are available below:

The proposed implementation offers a clear pathway for the OPS1 to OPS2 progression and opens up reclassification opportunities by restructuring OPS1 and OPS2 positions as OPS1/2. This means that positions in the organisation structure are not bound by the single classification, creating more positions available at the staff members’ level of competence. Staff starting as OPS1 can progress to OPS2 when they complete the competency book and do not need to wait until an OPS2 position becomes available. Their OPS1/2 position would allow for the reclassification with a minimum of fuss.

Consultation is open until 31 May 2018. Subject to the outcome of the consultation process, the proposal is intended to be implemented by 30 June 2018.

Participation in the Competency Based Progression would be voluntary. Once the process is implemented. Members will need to alert your manager of your interest to participate should you wish to do so.

PSA members are invited to provide feedback to your union. Please direct responses to PSA by email by close of business 30 May 2018.,%2011%20May%202018%20-%20Consultation%20Open%20re%20Progression%20from%20OPS1%20to%20OPS2.pdf