SA Pathology Response to PSA Submission - Proposed Operational and Supporting Workforce Model for SA Pathology

15 March 2017

The PSA has received SA Pathology's formal response to our members' submissions on the Proposed Operational and Supporting Workforce Model. A key feature of our submission is that it proposes the reduction of over 270 jobs in SA Pathology. A copy of the SA Pathology response letter and attachment can be found via the links.

The PSA maintains our concerns about the consultation process through the EY implementation phase, particularity in relation to the 1.1 Working Groups which have formed without proper advice to the PSA membership nor included PSA Officials as previously agreed.

Consultation is about the sharing of information and the genuine exchange of views between all persons or bodies that must be consulted and the genuine opportunity for them to contribute effectively to any decision making process.....

The PSA advised SA Pathology that we are on the verge of a dispute in relation to how consultation is being conducted, especially in light of the changes to the 1.1 Working Group numbers. There has been a lack of information provided about its composition, how they will consult broadly, changes to the Terms of Reference, and working group sessions have been conducted without the participation of a PSA official as previously agreed.

The PSA has consistently stated that if consultation is not working and is not in accordance with the Enterprise Agreement, then the PSA will assert this requirement and fight for our members' rights to ensure a proper process.

The PSA office will take the same time to review SA Pathology's response and member feedback and will formulate a position in reply and update members.