SA Pathology - Phlebotomist Campaign

09 January 2019

Phlebotomists employed by SA Pathology have reported to the Public Service Association (PSA) that their roles have changed during their tenure. The job now involves increased complexity, greater responsibility and the impact of outcomes is more significant. Changes of this nature may result in a reclassification.

The PSA is building a case towards eligible members being reclassified from OPS1 to OPS2.

A members’ meeting was held recently in Modbury and another meeting is scheduled for next week to gather specific information about the roles performed by phlebotomists in the various locations. It needs to be established if all staff have experienced changes in their work value or just staff at particular sites.

The PSA notes that 143 phlebotomists are employed by SA Pathology in the Northern and Southern Adelaide teams and that 114 of these are classified at the OPS1 level. 75% of these OPS1 staff have more than 2 years experience.

The PSA contends that the OPS 1 classification should be used only as an entry level classification for inexperienced staff. The experience gained from more than 6 months of satisfactory performance should be sufficient in most cases for a reclassification to the OPS 2 level unless the role is very closely supervised.

If you would like to provide information, participate in the campaign, or be assessed as to eligibility for reclassification you are invited to attend the meeting next week or to contact PSA directly.