SA Pathology - EY Review Update - Summary of Refreshed Analysis and Planned Approach to Developing Workforce Numbers

14 June 2016

PSA representatives attended a recent SA Pathology Review Industrial Liaison Forum (ILF) at which a new presentation by the Ernst & Young/SA Pathology project team was provided - Summary of refreshed analysis and planned approach to developing workforce numbers.


The redrafted Terms of Reference (TOR ) for the ILF can also be found here. The PSA has made considerable representation on how we see the ILF functioning. The final TOR will be distributed once agreed.


Summary of items of interest so far:


  • Discussions are still in progress aimed at reaching agreement firstly on the principles of good consultation in the workplace and just how it would work and be tailor-made to each worksite with the implementation of the EY Review.

  • The PSA will continue to ensure that the definition of work groups must occur as early as possible and that consultation must then occur at the worksite and work group level.

  • The PSA is seeking feedback from members with any ideas that would ensure all staff have the opportunity to participate in a genuine exchange of ideas. What if any special considerations need to be made for your lab or your workplace? What questions would you like to see addressed with the Project team?

  • Interestingly the 'Summary of refreshed analysis' still does not provide the raw data as requested by the PSA. To add to the confusion a recent comment from management was that "The benchmarking analysis numbers WILL NOT be used to define FTE requirements or to target individual directorates or service locations for reductions". What this means regarding the actual numbers of staff reductions remains to be clarified.

  • The implementation of recommendation 5.2 Clinical Services Delivery was discussed for early implementation. Specific details of roles in scope are still to be provided. Further updates will be provided once additional information is released.


The PSA continues to encourage all SA Pathology staff who have not yet joined the PSA to do so.


Members are encouraged to feedback any concerns or comments about any of these matters to the PSA.