SA Pathology does not Understand Consultation

16 February 2017

The PSA has been required to continuously assert to SA Pathology what appropriate consultation means.

Despite SA Pathology retaining a team of specialist IR and HR advisers, and despite assurances from the new Director of Pathology, this core value and right continues to be misunderstood and misapplied during the current build-up towards significant workplace change and job losses.

Consultation is not only about respect for others, but it is a right enshrined in the SA Public Sector Wages Parity Enterprise Agreement Salaried 2014 (EA). The appropriate consultation process is outlined in our EA which states that “Workplace change that will affect a significant number of employees should not be implemented before appropriate consultation has occurred with employee representatives”.

PSA members submitted through the PSA office a detailed response to the 'Proposed Operational Configuration & Workforce Model'. This submission was on point, included questions and requests for clarification and provided valuable feedback correcting errors and omissions, all with the intention of positively influencing the outcomes for the benefit of members' service for South Australians and the workforce.

The “general themes” response from SA Pathology has fallen well short of the PSA's expectations on consultation. The PSA estimates that over two thirds of the questions and issues raised remain unaddressed in the response from SA Pathology.

The PSA has written to SA Pathology advising that we still require a “thorough and transparent” response to our submission and appropriate consultation to occur with the PSA. A copy of this correspondence can be found here:

PSA members deserve better. The PSA will keep members updated of all developments.