SA Pathology - Contract to Ongoing Employment | Phase 1 Implementation

05 April 2018

Ongoing employment has long been a top priority for PSA members. Included in your new Enterprise Agreement is the statement that “Ongoing employment is the primary form of public sector employment.”

Throughout the now-defunct Efficiency Improvement Programme (EIP) many SA Pathology staff were appointed to term contracts instead of ongoing employment. SA Pathology claimed that many positions would become redundant under the restructure. The PSA repeatedly rebutted those claims stating that the EIP enablers that were being quoted as reasons for the nominated job losses were not justifiable. The PSA continually advocated that job security was of the highest importance to PSA members.

The EIP was abandoned in August 2017 following excellent consultation feedback from PSA members leaving the issue of job security needing to be addressed. SA Pathology Executive Director recently undertook to rectify this proliferation of contract employment by converting eligible contract staff to ongoing employment.

The conversion will occur in phases as eligibility and conversion under Phase 1 may open further eligibility for others.

The Phase 1 process is now being implemented and will apply to staff who meet all of the following criteria:

  •     Employed with SA Pathology for a continuous period of more than two years.
  •     Not currently in a backfill, project, or externally funded position.
  •     The position is required to continue on an ongoing basis and there is ongoing funding to support this.
  •     The temporary position was originally advertised on Jobs SA as being for at least 6 months duration, or filled through another merit based process recognised by the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment.
  •     Has met required performance standards in the temporary position to the satisfaction of Management for a period of at least 6 months.
  •     The remuneration level of the ongoing position is the same as that of the originally advertised temporary position.

SA Pathology intends to write, in the first instance, to employees identified as eligible for Phase 1, by 13 April 2018.

If you believe you are eligible under Phase 1 and have not received correspondence by this date please contact the PSA Members’ Rights Hotline so that your claim can be pursued.

Phase 2 will address staff acting in higher duties, staff who are currently back-filling and where the position becomes vacant through Phase 1, and other anomalies that become obvious.

Please share this brief with your colleagues who might be contract staff and not a PSA member. The

PSA is committed to supporting members to achieve strong and fair results.