SA Not For Sale | Campaign Update

13 August 2019

The Liberal government is continuing to cut budgets and privatise the essential public services you provide to the people of South Australia.

The hit list is getting bigger every week. There is no telling which service or whose jobs will be on the chopping block next.

The PSA and members are actively engaged in campaigning to stop what can only be described as an ideological attack on public service provision.

SERCO won't WORKO! Join us on Wednesday
This week, Serco officially takes over our public Adelaide Remand Centre.

The PSA will again be raising public awareness of the dangers of privatising prisons by holding an event outside the Adelaide Remand Centre on Currie Street this Wednesday, 14 August 2019 from 12:30pm to 1:00pm. If you are in the area and have the time, we ask that you join us for 30 minutes over your lunch break.

Tell the State Government to stop privatising SA - Action this Saturday!
The SA Liberal Party is holding its AGM at the Adelaide Convention Centre this Saturday, 17 August 2019.

The PSA will join other public sector unions at the east side entrance of the centre (above the escalators from Nth Terrace) at 8:00am to protest against their privatisation agenda.

This is a great opportunity to publicly highlight our SA Not for Sale campaign message and put more pressure on the government to stop privatising SA!

We hope to see you there at 8:00am!

Trams, Trains, Road Maintenance, Motor Registration, SA Pathology - targets for privatisation
SA Pathology is cutting around 200 jobs this year, with more cuts planned for the next two years. This will impact negatively on service quality and increase staff workload, making it look easier to sell off.

The PSA is actively opposing job cuts and raising staff concerns about the impact on services; we are also addressing the workload issue. At the same time, we continue to campaign against the privatisation of this extremely valuable public health service.

The PSA is working together with other unions to stop the privatisation of trams and trains and to ensure public oversight of road, bridge and port maintenance. Many PSA members' jobs would be affected if this work goes to private companies, and service and safety will be compromised.

The government's plan to privatise the motor registry could also spell the end of local Service SA centres. We know already this is very unpopular with the SA public.

Major cuts and privatisations announced since the Marshall government came to power

  •  Privatisation of trains and trams
  •  Over $100m in forced savings in SA Pathology and threat of privatisation
  •  Privatisation of the Adelaide Remand Centre to Serco
  •  Service SA and the Motor Registry
  •  Axing of the Financial Counselling program in Department of Child Protection
  •  Closure of Port Adelaide TAFE, despite its proximity to the Techport precinct
  •  Privatisation of traffic signal and road maintenance operations
  •  Cuts to Park Rangers, replacing them with maintenance workers and volunteers
  •  Restructure of, and job cuts in, the Department of Environment and Water
  •  Cuts to Legal Services and the courts
  •  Cuts to the Public Trustee and merging of Public Trustee and Public Advocate
  •  Closure of CBD Metro office and cuts to the Metro info line
  •  Shifiting of disability support to the NGO sector, removing the public quality and policy watchdog
  •  The abolition of Arts SA
  •  Family and Respite Care services to be privatised
  •  Closure of Marni Wodli, a place that keeps young Aboriginal people out of the justice system
  •  Cuts to IT support, and training and development for schools in the Department of Education.

And the list keeps growing.

"We don't have a privatisation agenda ... I think it goes without saying that the best chance of the public sector growing is under the Liberal Party." - Steven Marshall, 4 February, 2018.

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