SA Health Media and Communications Service Review

17 January 2017

The PSA has been provided with a copy of the Report and Recommendations (here) regarding the proposed review of Media and Communications across SA Health.

The PSA negotiated an extended time frame for consultation until 25 January 2017 in consideration of the Christmas and New Year Break. An additional week until 1 February 2017 was further negotiated as it came to the PSA's attention that members in CALHN were unaware of the proposed consultation deadline for feedback.

The PSA requested a meeting with the Director of Media and Communications to discuss the report and to provide a summary of member feedback (here).

The PSA has been very clear in asserting that no implementation of recommendations can occur until members have been provided with specific detail such as the proposed structure, classification levels, number of staff. Once all relevant information has been presented another consultative process must be undertaken.