SA Health - Allied Health Assistants Stream Review | AHA – SADS Claim all Dental Assistants Out of Scope

22 August 2018

The PSA has received further correspondence from the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment (CPSE) in relation to the transition arrangements for the Allied Health Assistant Stream in response to the PSA’s letter dated 19 July 2018 where further examples in relation to Dental Assistants (DA’s) were given. A copy of the PSA’s letter is available (here) and the CPSE’s latest response (here).

It appears that, following further discussions between South Australian Dental Service (SADS) and other government representatives (without representation from the PSA), the Government retains the view that all Dental Assistants do not meet the AHA criteria regardless of who they support chair side.

It remains the PSA’s position that this should not preclude those staff being eligible for transition who clinically support a AHP Dental Therapist at the chair side. SADS has advised that these staff are not clinically responsible for what the DA’s do and they are supervised by Senior Dental Assistants and non-clinical managers. SADS response is available here.

It seems that SADS has no interest in commencing the work to ensure these workers are transitioned into the AHA Stream, whereas other areas are ensuring that OPS employees are being transitioned.

In the ‘Allied Health Guideline for Transition to AHA Stream’ released earlier this year, there are references to the ‘NSW Allied Health Assistant Framework’ (here) (which the PSA was advised in initial discussions, was used as a model for the development of the AHA Stream). Within this document is a part titled ‘How to use this Framework’. Figure 1 within that Framework clearly defines steps to consider when establishing AHA positions.

The PSA intends to send further a further response, please send your feedback to PSA by email.