SA Health Agrees to Lifting Solutions at nRAH

14 September 2017

The issue of lifting patients for scans was raised recently by the PSA with SA Health as a Work Health and Safety issue.

There are no ceiling mounted lifters in the new RAH, the mobile lifters cannot be used with a number of the machines, and the system of requesting orderlies from Spotless is being met with extraordinary delays (up to 3 hours).

The PSA met yesterday with SA Medical Imaging management to explore options to solve the lifting issues.

In conclusion, SAMI Executive Director, Mr. John Kolovos undertook:

  • SAMI to confirm if there is a Hover Matt in ED Imaging
  • If there is not a Hover Matt SAMI will purchase a Hover Matt for ED Imaging
  • SAMI will purchase a Hover Matt for Inpatient Imaging
  • SAMI will mediate with Spotless to improve the level of service
  • Longer term, SAMI will consider a Feasibility Study for Suspended Lifters (similar to the wards)

It was agreed that Outpatients Imaging does not need a Hover Matt as patients will be ambulant.

The Hover Matt solution should go a long way to solving the issue of repeated lifting in Inpatients and ED Medical Imaging.

Members are invited to share thoughts, comments or further ideas with their Organiser.